Tuesday, June 6, 2017

~Portland in the wee night hours~

behold the corporate citadel

A lot of raw emotion, reminded me of a mixtape.

never went in, probably super cool.

portland always on the upkeep.

Space president big boss

most of portland has a really dreamy atmosphere.

the lighting is somethin else here.

some stuff just feels better b&w

the way some streets move and flow is very interesting

dreamy vibes

some of these can be album covers I swear

warm leaves and summer dreams

dark allies are generally a no-no

fantastico lighting my man

the next couple photos look really dream like so I kept them a bit shaken.

I ain't a surgeon, I can tell you that much.

the parks were nice

this is around the time I wish I brought my jacket 
not sponsored, unfortunately.

Met a cool rap group under the lights.

lights are great.

behold the spooky lookin' whatever this building is.


Wine is for soccer moms, and I ain't one.

Right next to a punk rock bar, didn't know those left the 90's.

plenty of long roads and bus stops.

garage and what not.

had no idea this was a church till I took the time to look at the pictures.

was not about to roll up on china town at night.

whats a portland themed photo essay without this?

die robot sounds sick.



I like to think this photo wrapped up Portland at night. 

this guy is so happy just doing his thing, bless up man.

Friday, April 28, 2017

El choice of El doggo( at this point I've put up more than 8 pics of dog, maybe credit as 8 different ways assignment??)

the eye contact and detail is exquisite, m'yes.
El backo of El doggo is Neato, enjoy the detail and texture here.

played with filters in B&W options and enjoyed this ol' timey look I made. 10/10.

darker. and a bit more icey than the others.

C'mon, I cannot help but post the sleeping doggo.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

choice photo p1: la doggo

this mini photo series sorta focuses on the sleepy time of a dog in the morning hours. I feel there is a lot of raw emotion captured in my dogs innocent sleepiness.

Dozing off. The shape of her(the dog, famously known as, Lady Bojangles) eye looks very similar to the rap album cover of Kendrick Lamar's "Damn.".

The tightened sleeping ball maneuver, the shape of the hip and flow of the small hairs creates a snug photo.

I woke her up before leaving to school for this, she prolly mad at me, but there is a lot of expression and detail captured here, for instance the little smile, worried eyes, ears perked back lightly. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Still life p1

Lighting and texture played a big part in this photo series.

the saturation and lighting make textures pop, and make deep lines feel deeper.

The damaged laces had a bonanza of texture and color, that fit perfectly.

The curvature and icy light makes this picture come together nicely. 

nitty gritty cold boots.